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Ninja 忍者 (known as “shinobi”忍び in Japan) were essentially ye olde equivalent of secret agents, whose role involved espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination. Where the samurai adhered obdurately to their principles, the ninja were a very different story, using covert means to achieve their ends.

Most often, ninja would be dressed inconspicuously – as farmers or priests for example – so that they could act as scouts and observe the enemy without being rumbled. Come to think of it, the idea of some guy running about the place dressed in black does seem kind of conspicuous…


Samurai 侍 (usually called “bushi” or “buke” in Japanese) were the military nobility of Japan. They lived during a time when the Emperor of Japan was little more than a ceremonial figure, and the country was actually ruled by a shogun, or military general.

The Samurai looked awesome and imposing in their badass armour, which grew to have a ceremonial as well as protective function as the role of the samurai changed. The fact that samurai no longer had to charge into battle at a moment’s notice during the Edo Period meant that some armour became exaggerated, even to the point of being a little ridiculous…


Sheathe your katanas, hide your shurikens, and emerge from the dark. 

In the 21st century, 10,000 unique Ninjas and Samurais are transported from the past into the Metaverse world.

These Ninjas and Samurais indulge in the latest pop culture, have their unique clans, weapons and are armed with new knowledge and technologies. 

The battle between Ninjas and Samurais continue on a deck of cards you own. 

You, the Daimyo, will control their destiny.

There can only be ONE Shogun in the Metaverse. 

Who will emerge as the ONE?


Think of a cross between ‘Hearthstone’ and ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’. 

Each Daimyo control a set of either Ninjas or Samurais and battle with each other. 

Daimyo holding Origin Ninjas or Origin Samurais will be rewarded. Special perks such as a membership, which includes benefits both in the real world and the metaverse. 

Rewards include raffles, prizes, giveaways, exclusive stories, limited-edition creator collabs and access to real world global events and experiences. 

Distinctive rewards will be available to holders of more than one Origin Ninja/Samurai. 

Origin Ninjas and Origin Samurais will be extremely rare in the Multiverse as the game development progress, and will be worth a lot more. 

Exclusive features unique to the Origin such as cloning them into temporary common cards is something that is in the roadmap.



- Marketing of ONE Shogun

20% Sold

- 10 Origins will be airdropped to Existing Holders
- 5 ETH goes to Community Wallet

40% Sold

- Art Contest! Invitation to all Artists to Create Unique Art Pieces using our Base Portrait. - 10 Selected art pieces will be minted and credited to the Artists (10 NFTS will be reserved) - 3 Random Origins given to Top Activity - 3 Random Origins given to Top Invites

60% Sold

- 10 Origins will be airdropped to Existing Holders
- 5 ETH goes to Community Wallet

80% Sold

-- 5 ETH goes to Community Wallet
- Hiring of Game Development Team

100% Sold

- 5 ETH goes to Community Wallet
- Monitoring of Floor Prices by Community Wallet

Sneak Preview 

October 2021

- 'Sneak Peek' of ONE Shogun 2022 Roadmap
- New Character Drops for Existing Holders

November/December 2021

- Launch of $Shogun Token on Binance
- Drops for Existing Holders

December 2021

- Launch of Web Based Game Portal
- Launch of In-Game Trading Post and Market
- Official Release of ONE Shogun 2022Roadmap

May 2022

- Call for ONE Shogun BETA Players
- Playable Demo Launched

July 2022

- ONE Shogun Official Game Launch

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